Isa Soares

(Dentist / Clinical Director)

Graduated since 2007 in Dental Medicine from FMDUP, in 2008 she takes the “Advanced Oral Surgery Course” in Havana (Cuba).

She has also two postgraduate studies on his resume:  “Medicine and Oral Pathology”, in 2015,  and “Periodontology”, in 2019,  the both at CESPU.

She has been Clinical Director of SUBRISUS since its foundation in 2009.

Within Dental Medicine she is mainly interested in the areas of Implantology, Fixed Prosthesis and Oral Surgery.

Volunteer at Associação Animais da Quinta, she loves music and popular festivals. She’s keen to be present at S.João do Porto and the Night of the Bombos of Mirandela.

Pedro Fonseca


Founder of SUBRISUS graduated in 2007 in Dental Medicine from FMDUP and in 2017.

Exclusively dedicated to Orthodontics, an area in which he obtains the Master’s degree in 2017 and the Specialist by the portuguese Order of Dentists.

Speaker at several conferences dedicated to Orthodontics, he is also a teacher.

Former right back of football is also a passionate about chess, coming to participate in several championships.

Joana Morais

(Medical Dentist)

Also from the 2001-2007 dental class of FMDUP joins SUBRISUS in 2017.

In 2012 obtained the “Diploma Universitario Internacional en Implantología y Tratamiento de Tejidos ” from the Instituto Mediterráneo de Odontología e Implantología (Barcelona) and in 2017 completed the orthodontics course of Prof. José Barros.

Implantology and Orthodontics are her areas of greatest interest in Dentistry.

Woman of the world, her mother tongues are Portuguese and French. Also fluent in Castilian and gives a few touches of Catalan.

Cristiana Monteiro

(Medical Dentist)

In 2008 she completed her degree in Dental Medicine at FMDUP.

Postgraduate in Implantntology, Periodontology and Endodontics.

At SUBRISUS she is mainly dedicated to Endodontics.

With a captive place in Estádio do Dragão, besides being a big supporter of FC PORTO, she is also a fan of great gastronomic experiences.

Rosana Reis

(Medical Dentist)

Graduated me 2005 in Dentistry from Universidade Santa Cecilia (SP – Brazil).

She has a Postgraduate degree in Endodontics from APCD-SBC (SP – Brazil) and specialization in Endodontics by ABENO ( SP – Brazil).

At SUBRISUS she is dedicated exclusively to Endodontics.

This Paulista, who loves picanha, is know also a big fan of ” Francesinhas”.

Tânia Milheiro

Graduated in 2008 in Dental Medicine from Fernando Pessoa University  and posgraduate in Pediatric Dentistry and Interceptive Orthodontics. 

She works mainly with children and young people. 

Transmontana, loves to run along mountain trails.

Marta Ferreira

(Médica Dentista)

Graduated in Dental Mecidine  in 2020 from Universidade Católica Portuguesa,  has joined to the team of  SUBRISUS.

She is mainly dedicated to general dentistry.

Possessing great energy, to which no one is indifferent, this “beirã”  is never stopped.

Alexandra Carneiro

(Assistente Dentária)

With professional experience in the commercial area and holder of the Dental Assistant course,  joined SUBRISUS in 2021.

She is a mountain biking practitioner and, of course, a nature lover.


Patrícia Gonçalves

(Dental Assistant)

In the world of Dental Medicine since 2003, he has been on the SUBRISUS team since 2015. She has the Technical Course of Dental Prosthesis.

Minhota, with a gifted hand to bakery , loves to go to  “Feiras Novas” in Ponte de Lima.

Teresa Oliveira

(Dental Assistant)

She is  Dental Assistant since 2005, having joined to SUBRISUS team in 2017.

Besides a weekend biker, new technologies don’t scare her.

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